Encrypted Documents

OneWorld Encrypted Documents


Be the hero: make everyone happy. Your customers’ needs continue to evolve. They want their important documents faster than ever before, sent in a form they trust and understand. At the same time, you need to eliminate mailing expenses, and use a system that can easily integrate with your existing processes.

Provide each customer with their unique document that can be opened on any device anywhere. Send documents of any type — including complex statements and invoices — fully branded with the look, feel and functionality that corresponds to your company.

No additional software or hardware is required. We streamline the entire process for you, integrating document encryption with your e-mail delivery. But in the end, you are the real hero, simultaneously reducing costs, satisfying customers and increasing security.

OneWorld’s Encrypted Documents ensure safe e-mail delivery and privacy:

  • Secure, confidential documents are easily viewed on any device directly from customers’ inbox
  • Supports the many forms on encryption in use today – bypassing the need for multiple investments
  • Multiple deployment models for a seamless integration into your unique business infrastructure

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