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26 Mar 2015

Wrap Up, Fraud Prevention Month

Fraud Prevention Month , coming to a close

Fraud prevention awareness is important all year round. With cyber attacks targeting more and more industries and businesses of all sizes, it’s important to stay on top of potential security risks within your business.

This month, we talked about Small Businesses and the Shift in Cybercrime and offered some Fraud Prevention TipsIf you’re interested in other actions you can take to prevent yourself and your business, check out a few of our other blog posts:

Do you have other tips or advice for preventing fraud in your business? Share them with us in the comments.

19 Mar 2015

Small Businesses, Shift in Cybercrime

Smaller organizations less vulnerable?

Smaller organizations often assume that because of their size, they are less vulnerable to security threats than larger organizations. The truth: they are targeted more and more because they handle sensitive information, but often lack the security measures of a larger company. This week, in support of Fraud Prevention month, Echoworx takes a look at some of the factors influencing the increasing trend in Cybercrime towards small companies.

A few reasons for the shift:

SMB’s can be viewed as a gateway into larger organizations.
In the case of the notorious Target data breach, hackers were able to attain Target’s data via a small company’s access to their vendor portal.

SMB’s are often oblivious to the rapidly growing pace of advanced persistent threats (APT) and malware.
In most cases, smaller organizations do not have proper security measures in place and are in no position to prevent APT’s or hacks.

Small organizations often do not properly enforce data security policies within their company.
In order to ensure the security of information entering and leaving an organization, management needs to ensure that data protection policies are put in place, communicated to employees and strictly enforced. A Trend Micro report states that “65% of SMB’s said that in general, their organization’s sensitive or confidential business information is not encrypted or safeguarded by DLP technologies.”

Security threats and attacks have become a reality for businesses of all sizes and across all verticals. The implementation of proper security measures is a necessity and must be considered for every organization’s business plan. With corporate reputation on the line and growing consumer awareness, the need for proactive IT security has never been more important.