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23 Feb 2016

Increasing Demand for High Volume Encrypted Document Delivery

Your customers and partners want to receive their important documents and e-mails faster than ever before. They want them delivered in a way they can trust and are easy for them to access. And you’re the lucky one who needs to deliver on this.

The objective for e-statements, also known as Secure Document Delivery is to push statements, documents, and bills directly to your customers. The problem is you need to deliver a cost-effective solution that seamlessly integrates into your distinct environment while driving performance and customer service. With OneWorld Encrypted Documents, organizations finally have the ability to securely deliver confidential and business critical statements, invoices, and bills directly to customers’ inboxes with full security and confidence. There are a number of reasons why there is a great demand for secure e-statements in the market today.

Reach Today’s Customers Through Multichannel Communication

Organizations must increase customer satisfaction by providing their customers’ documents and important information through their preferred channel of communication. Because your customers’ expectations regarding communication with you are being shaped outside of your industry alone, you need a strategy that meets your customers’ wide array of communication and servicing needs, while working within the realities of your internal systems.

And, in today’s always connected world, customers want the freedom to choose how companies communicate with them, whether it’s through e-mail or an app on a phone or tablet via a secure web portal. Echoworx provides solutions that meet these diverse multichannel communication needs. OneWorld can deliver encrypted messages over TLS, using encrypted PDF’s, PGP or  S/MIME keys, encrypted ZIP attachments or to a secure web portal.

Using OneWorld encryption, you can now send customers their bills, invoices and statements in a robust, interactive and most importantly encrypted PDFs that have the look, feel and functionality corresponding to your website. The encrypted PDFs can be delivered and read on any desktop or mobile device including tablets.

The benefits of Echoworx’ Encrypted PDF include fully branded PDFs, customer account self-servicing within the PDF, and highly secure communication delivery pushed to your customer’s inbox. Messages can be routed into the system via SMTP or API to accept both end user generated email and system generated mail.

Secure Document Delivery For Regulatory Compliance

To reduce mailing costs and increase efficiencies in document processing, many organizations are migrating to secure e-statements instead of traditional paper forms.  In order for e-statements to be an effective means of communications and data collection, organizations must ensure the security and confidentiality of these statements as they are transmitted across the public networks.

Securing e-statements can be a challenge for organizations unless they look at solutions like the OneWorld encryption platform. Customers can have all statements generated in an universally accepted secure PDF format and send via e-mail for easy collection. Statements are automatically encrypted and sent to your customers’ e-mail inbox. Statements are decrypted with simple, but secure, password protection.

With the implementation of encrypted e-statements, organizations must ensure they meet the strict mandates of various regulations.  Regulatory compliance is expensive and time consuming. Requirements change frequently however security of information is always at the forefront of all major regulations. OneWorld Encrypted Documents ensure your organization is taking the right steps to conform to all major regulations including HIPAA, PCI, GLBA, and others.

Reduce Communications & Servicing Costs 

For all companies, producing and maintaining customer paper communications is a costly, disorganized process that adds very little to the bottom line. What is needed is a solution that will lower document delivery costs and yet scale dynamically as e-mail demand on the system fluctuates to handle the bulk e-statements – and all in a secure fashion. Customers prefer documents, statements, and bills delivered right to their inbox but do not want to sacrifice the security and ease of use. With OneWorld, you get the best of both worlds: an easy to deploy, highly scalable statement delivery platform with unparalleled encryption technology.

Leverage Existing Investments

OneWorld Encrypted Documents isn’t a replacement for your core billing and fulfillment systems. It’s not a software tool you have to install, integrate and continuously manage as all of your systems morph and change. Rather, it interfaces seamlessly with the multiple systems your company uses for document delivery and enables a security layer to it.

Empower Business Owner Control

Instead of making customers log into a portal, remember a unique PIN, and then view their statement, the OneWorld encryption platform allows you to directly deliver encrypted PDFs converted from your statements right into their inbox. This keeps you from having to store and retain all of that data and at the same time simplifies the process for the business and customer.

For more information on how you can send millions of encrypted statements a month, using a single encryption platform as both a secure e-mail gateway and an encrypted bulk documents transmission engine:

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By Robby Gulri, Channel Manager, Echoworx

08 Feb 2016

Security and the Path of Least Resistance

Physics says that the path of least resistance is generally the one that most people take. If we contextualise this by looking at how humans have evolved, adapted and figured out how to survive, it’s easy to understand why. Like any other living creature, we had to conserve energy when we could in order to hunt effectively. We take shortcuts because they are more efficient and use up less energy and fewer resources.

Today, the situation is somewhat different. We’re often encouraged to take the path of most resistance based on the simple fact that many of the greatest accomplishments and tasks have taken significant time and effort.

The advent of technology is one. Ironically, man has worked tirelessly towards technological developments with the aim to make jobs easier and less tiring. Laptops to printers, cloud security to big data analytics – these breakthroughs have become very handy tools for the business owner and have had significant impacts on productivity, performance, profitability and time.

Cumbersome technology fails
We recently did some research into the security practices of financial services professionals in the UK. The goal was to analyse the use of secure communications, following recent high profile data breaches like TalkTalk and WH Smiths. Almost 60 per cent of respondents admitted that they found their current solutions cumbersome and difficult to use. This perception increased even further when we drilled down into the mature employee category. Over 63 per cent of those aged 45 and over found their email security solutions challenging to navigate.

These findings take us back to our ancestral ways of thinking: the need to make life easier. If email security solutions – or any other technologies – are too complicated, employees will almost certainly find easier means to complete a task. In this scenario, security is the ball that is dropped. Not a week goes by without some kind of assault on an organisation led by malicious criminals. Insider threats also keep senior business leaders awake at night. A recent PwC report in the US found that 32 per cent of respondents consider insider threats to be costlier and more damaging than external incidents.

User experience drives adoption
In 2014, email was the top communication channel with 35 trillion messages sent, so what should businesses do to protect this goldmine of information?

User experience is key. Too often it is ignored by businesses during the development stage of new solutions, or underestimated by focusing on the technology rather than educating the user. If you roll out a tiresome, unmanageable solution, no matter the level of encryption it provides, this will encourage workers to find a less secure workaround that puts your business, your employees and your customers at risk.

Making the effort to build features that facilitate user education and ease of use is vital. By automating decisions around securing content, businesses can remove the risk of human error entirely. For example, a ‘secure now’ button in an email that simplifies the process of encryption while reducing vulnerability, places little to no reliance on the end user and will facilitate higher adoption rates. This, combined with an extra layer of intelligence at the perimeter which scans all email against security policies, will add essential reinforcement to IT infrastructures.

If employees don’t have an experience that meets their needs and requirements, they will almost certainly disregard process and search for another technique to get the job done. Resource-constrained companies need solutions that will be easy to implement and manage. By offering users choices, not limitations, you dramatically improve experience, productivity, and operational efficiency.

To learn more about how you can seamlessly integrate email encryption into your environment while driving performance and customer-centric experience:

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By Greg Aligiannis, Senior Director of Security at Echoworx