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19 Jun 2014

Cloud Security Accelerates to a $9 Billion Market

Cloud Security MarketAccording to CRN, Cloud Security is going to experience tremendous growth by 2019, reaching the $9 billion mark. This is no surprise as most security vendors are now offering a Cloud or hybrid solution in an effort to improve total cost of ownership, scalability and ability to manage change.

With this tremendous growth comes the high rate of adoption of cloud based email security.  CIOs and CSOs are looking for easy to deploy and cost effective solutions to secure internal and external email and bulk email communications to customers and business associates.

Echoworx has brought a number of Cloud solutions to its customers. An encrypted message can be delivered to a wide variety of recipients through a secure web pickup portal, the simplest and most universal method of delivery. Because the secure web pickup portal technology runs completely in the cloud, customers can use any device and do not have to worry about how to manage and operate the platform to receive their encrypted messages.

With OneWorld, enterprises can now take their PGP keys to the Cloud and easily interact with business partners in the Echoworx Could, without the need of a local PGP Universal Server and the complexity of managing it.  With Echoworx operating the LDAP service, OneWorld simplifies the management of your PGP keys. It is all done for you in the Cloud and therefore significantly reducing the total cost of ownership for your PGP implementation.

According to analyst MarketsandMarkets, quoted by CRN “even though there are various on-premise solutions available for all types of security, cloud security has become the prime importance for businesses who want to reduce Capex and support a growing remote workforce.”

13 Mar 2014

Manage Your PGP Keys in the Cloud

Looking to avoid dealing with PGP keys and managing your own PGP Universal Server? With the latest enhancements of Echoworx’ OneWorld policy based encryption platform, you don’t have to. This solution allows customers to virtually manage PGP keys and easily interact with business partners using PGP in the Echoworx Cloud.

The platform offers seamless sending and receiving of PGP encrypted messages in the Cloud with direct PGP key lookup from external and internal LDAP Directories.  Virtual keys are also automatically published to the OneWorld Directory (LDAP) allowing external customers to easily find and send PGP encrypted messages to OneWorld customers. The solution is therefore efficiently configured to exchange PGP keys for the sender and recipient.

Echoworx provides transparent “virtual PGP’ key management for customers within the organization, eliminating the need for hardware, desktop or server software and the complexity of dealing with it.


09 Sep 2013

What PGP Needs

PGP limitations and OneWorld capabilities

A number of organizations we have talked to who have implemented PGP for email encryption are looking for an easy way to take PGP to the cloud. PGP requires the Universal Server to be installed on prem which handles all the key management functions. This is not a bad approach for traditional enterprises. However if your PGP solution requires you to work with business partners outside the enterprise, it is hard to expand the footprint without increasing the cost. What customers generally want with their PGP implementation is as follows:

  • Upload Existing PGP keys to the cloud

  • Auto generate any new PGP keys as needed

  • Easy cloud provisioning

  • No software or servers to manage

  • Save on internal servers and resources

  • Simple user based pricing model

Check out what OneWorld PGP functionality can mean for your business →