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08 Apr 2014

Upgrading to EMX 8.0

Echoworx is excited to inform its customers about its new release: EMX 8.0. Echoworx’ channel partners and customers will be receiving a letter introducing the new pick up portal experience and explaining the ease of the upgrade.

The new Pickup Portal retains great features like mobile optimization, search capabilities, and language selection while adding new features to enhance user experience such as: new and improved User Interface, easier navigation between messages without returning to the inbox, ability to flag important messages, etc.

Customers do not need to fear any inconvenience during the upgrade as it will not affect any of the existing infrastructure. Administrators and users will not experience any interruption and there will be no interference with existing messages.

Echoworx is committed to providing its customers with an outstanding upgrade experience and will ensure that the upgrade goes smoothly and efficiently.

If you have questions or concerns, please email support@echoworx.com

27 Mar 2014

Kicking Off a Series of Partner Webinars

It is an exciting time at Echoworx. We have been busy enhancing our products and we are excited to give our partners a glimpse of the new features that are going to be released very shortly. Today we held our kickoff webinar and presented the new Pickup Portal. This was the first of our 2014 series of webinars dedicated to partners worldwide. We are very proud of the great response we have had from our partners and are committed to continuing the series with similar engaging topics.

These webinars will focus on Echoworx product updates and industry news, as well as discuss the email encryption landscape. We invite all of our partners to take part in these sessions – if you missed the first one, there will be other sessions throughout the rest of the year. This is a great opportunity not only to find out about the latest product initiatives at Echoworx, but also to have your questions answered by industry experts.

27 Aug 2013

Shared Secret Pickup Portal

Echoworx OneWorld makes it easy for any enterprise to set the optimal encryption method and path of delivery between the sender and recipient. Encryption options including Shared Secret Pickup are selected by the enterprise and can be changed at anytime. Each option can be enabled or combined to create a unique profile for each sending enterprise.

OneWorld Shared Secret message pickup provides an easy way to deliver encrypted messages to recipients by simply allowing the sender to set a one-time question / answer pair in order for the recipient to read the message.

With OneWorld Shared Secret web portal capabilities, you can ensure you always reach the recipient with a simple answer to a pre-set question.

16 Aug 2013

OneWorld Philosophy

What is OneWorld Email Encryption , Why Did we Build this Platform?

Bottom-line is that today encryption solutions for email and data are not interoperable. Senders have no clue to what type of encryption solutions the recipients are using. Recipients are confused with the options they have to pick-up encrypted messages. Ideally, recipients would like to pick-up encrypted messages right from their native inbox and look at a web-portal pickup as the last resort. Our goal was to make sure OneWorld solves these fundamental problems with email encryption forever!

OneWorld Email and Data Encryption promises that enterprises can communicate securely with each other no matter what encryption platform they have. Senders shouldn’t have to think about how to get encrypted data delivered to anyone. That was our mission from the start and we believe we have achieved this goal with OneWorld.

 The other thing we saw with other solutions in the market was that they didn’t easily allow for sending enterprises to pick and choose a method of encryption and delivery that made the most sense for their recipient community. We looked at the most desired encryption options and talked to our many diverse customers. They told us a few essential things that went into the building of the system including:

  • Compatibility with other encryption solutions in the market like PGP, Entrust, and 3rd Party S/MIME

  • Support for Encrypted PDFs since most people know how to handle PDFs

  • Support for allowing recipients to upload their own PGP and X.509 keys

  • Support for Unauthenticated Portal for Message Pickup